Papaya is a soft and sweet tropical fruit native to tropical America. The various nutrients found in papaya are known to improve and protect various health conditions. 

Papaya Benefits

  • Asthma Prevention: Contains beta carotene that can prevent the risk of asthma.

  • Anticancer effect 

  • Bone Health: Prevent bone fracture with rich Vitamin K.

  • Digestion improvement: It contains papain enzyme which helps digestion, and it has high fiber and water content, preventing constipation and improving digestive ability.

  • Heart Disease Prevention: Potassium and Vitamins in papaya reduce cardiovascular risk

  • Inflammation Relief: Papaya choline is effective for improving sleep, muscle movement and memory of the body. It also helps absorb fat and relieve chronic inflammation.

  • Wound Healing: Helps prevent local skin wounds or burn infections.

  • Hair health: Papaya contains vitamins that make hair healthy.

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