Propolis 2000 180 capsules

Contains Flavonoid ingredients approved by the Food and Drug Administration!
The flavonoids of propolis protect cells from harmful oxygen. Helps with the necessary antioxidants and boosts vitality by strengthening weakened immunity.

Propolis 2000 180 capsules

  • Propolis is a natural antibiotic made by combining the plant's gin and bee saliva with antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties. Bees apply propolis to the honeycomb entrance to prevent the introduction of viruses and bacteria from the outside, keeping the inside of the honeycomb clean at all times. Grown in the woods, bee species and the best weather conditions, Australian propolis is a world-renowned, high-content natural propolis.

    • Those who need vitality by excessive work.
    • If you need antioxidants.
    • If you want to boost immune function and immunity.
    • Need help with atopic dermatitis and inflammation.
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