Placenta Cream 100ml

Placenta consists of nucleic acid similar to human tissue. Not only does placenta protect skin from the environment, but it is also an excellent source of moisture. By combining with other amino acids, Placenta first absorbs then removes many toxins that are produced in the body and as a result, creating a healthier, more beautiful skin.

Placenta Cream 100ml

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  • Vitarium Placenta Cream is a uniquely formulated moisturiser containing Australian Placenta Extract and nucleic acids (RNA/DNA).  Placenta Protein offers rich source of skin nutrients and bio-stimulants to helps control premature signs of aging and revitalises the distressed skin. 
    Enriched with Vitamin E and Coenzyme (CoQ10), Vitarium Placenta Cream is an excellent daily anti-aging skincare that helps skin regeneration, elasticity, brightening and wrinkle improvement to create healthier and radiant skin.  

    Suitable for all skin types.

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