PawPaw pure balm 30g

This nourishing natural balm is rich in Paw Paw.
Ideal for all skin areas requiring soothing and protection including lips, hands, heels & all over the body. Also ideal for protecting & soothing babies’delicate skin. Can be used in breast-feeding. (Cleans before feeding, even if the product has not been applied).

PawPaw pure balm 30g

  • Papaya fermented extract nourishes the skin, makes the skin elastic, and has the effect of skin oil management, pore shrinkage and stratum corneum.

    • When you need to moisturize dry skin.
    • When you need to moisturize your baby's skin.
    • When you need cream for the whole family.
    • When you want to get rid of dryness on cracked lips.
    • When moisturizing lipstick looks cloudy.
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