Marine Collagen 4in1 180Capsules

Easy 1 capsule per day! Take care of elastic and moist skin, healthy scalp and hair, and shiny nails all at once.

What is Marine Collagen?


Collagen, the main component of human body hair, blood vessels, ligaments, joints, hands, and toenails, is an essential protein with the effect of maintaining the binding of cellular tissues and is distributed in all parts of the body. It can also help prevent skin wrinkles and joint weakness caused by lack of collagen production.

Marine Collagen 4in1 180Capsules

  • Vitarium Marine Collagen 4 in 1 contains four ingredients that are good for skin, hair and nails in one capsule.

    1. The finest marine collagen (natural seaweed ingredient)
    2. Royal jelly's 10 HDA ingredients
    3. Gamma-linolenic acid (evening primrose oil)
    4. Linolenic acid tocopherol catechin (grape seed oil extract)

    Recommended for such people.

    • Those who need collagen supplementation in their skin and body
    • People whose nails and toenails are often cracked and broken
    • People who want prenatal and postpartum skin health and hair loss prevention
    • Those who want to maintain elastic and moist healthy skin
    • For hair loss prevention, hair growth, scalp health and hair growth
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