Green Lipped Mussel


Green Lipped Mussel is a marine fish that lives in New Zealand's sea. Green lipped mussel is known to be effective in improving inflammation and pain in the joints, fatigue and hangover. 
New Zealand's oceans are so strong that plankton produces anti-inflammatory substances to protect themselves from ultraviolet radiation. Green lipped mussels have a natural anti-inflammatory effect because they grow on plankton with anti-inflammatory substances.

Green lipped mussels contain unsaturated fatty acids to relieve joint pain.
Unsaturated fatty acids such as DHA, EPA, DPA and ALA help to clear inflammation by controlling immune cells. This is 200 ~ 300 times higher anti-inflammatory activity than evening primrose and flaxseed oil, and green lipped mussel helps to improve joint pain because it inhibits the production of leukotriene, which causes inflammation in the body.

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